Monday, September 12, 2011

"Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without." -James C. Dobson


& that..
I do believe deserves it's own blog
I've been kind of in a daze the last few days..
I'm really really happy & shocked.. all in one.
I knew that it was coming because he flew down to New Mexico and ended up talking to my dad for an hour and a half one night!
But I figured that it would be in October because my birthday and our one year anniversary are both in that month..
Boy was I surprised.

I had told Blake at one point that when we got engaged I wanted pictures of it because I wanted to see my face [& I don't remember why I said that.. but he remembered] :)
He told me that he was taking me on a surprise date & he had just gotten a new camera from his brother and sister in law so he wanted to mess around with it..
So he was taking me to all of the places that we had had our "FIRSTS"
For our first "first" he took me to the first place that we had held hands.. 
The 17 mile caves.

Then for our second "first" he surprised me with the movie that we had had our first kiss during..
[but since it was a scary movie he surprised me again and had another movie in the case that we got to watch.. what a sweet heart]

Next he took me on a walk in the nature park where he had first told me that he loved me...
[& I have to add that he was speed walking and I was making fun of him because he was practically running me over! haha but.. it makes more sense now because I think he was kind of nervous]

& Then he took me to a park that we like to go to.. 
We made our first snowman there and he took me dancing there one night..
But neither of those seemed that relevant to what we were doing..
So when he told me to guess why we were there.. my answer was..
"First time we built a.. snowman?"
Haha but I was wrong.. & when I told Blake I didn't know..
He got down on one knee and told me it was the first place that he
asked me to marry him..
& everything after that was a lot of screaming.. and crying on my part. 
Wow.. what a feeling. 
I can honestly say I've never been so.. surprised.. or blind sided.. in my whole life.
I was in shock the whole rest of the night..  
But.. in case you didn't guess..
 I said YES!
& I"m sooo happy.. annnd.
I'm getting married!!


  1. Congrats Hailey! I am so happy for you! :) :) :) So exciting! If ever you are in Utah valley give me a call we should hang out 801-960-6537. Again, Congratulations! Love ya girl :)

  2. My dear I am so excited for you!!! You need to come see me!!! I want to catch up, and talk wedding plans, and HUG you!!! Haha I miss my beautiful STEW!!!! Your ring is so gorgeous!!! You should call me when you have free time or email me!! Life is going too quick and I miss our long talks!! Can you believe that we started dating these guys around the same time, fell head over heels, but didn't want to admit it because we were such skeptics, now we are both engaged, and ready to be married!!!! Aw!!! Haha its amazing and I'm so excited!!!