Saturday, September 3, 2011

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. -William James

Guess what happens in  

Yes.. that's right of course.. you guessed it..
We get to enjoy our wonderful Sunday & go to church 


I get to see my best friend again.
[& boy.. have I sure missed him.]

So to summarize the week..
Friday was my last day of work! 
hellloo.. freedom.. goodbye.. income..

And then this weekend just meant lots of cleaning and getting ready to go..
[& to be honest cleaning is so much more fun for me when I like the stuff I'm cleaning!]

As I said in my last blog.. I kind of "redid" my room this break while I wasn't working,
So if the words high school exploded aren't pounding in your head as you look at these pictures..
I accomplished what I was going for with my budget, inability to move furniture, and being prohibited to paint..

I found everything on sale.. & I found somethings super cheap that I really loved.  love.
& other things I got to make..

So when you see this empty toilet paper roll in the bathroom what do you do?!
[BESIDES first go get another one so the person after you doesn't have a traumatic bathroom experience..:)]

Well.. if you are ME.. 
1st: You SMASH it.

2nd: Make a mark every 1/2 inch down the roll..

3rd: Go down the roll and cut right down the marks..

4th: Stick the edges together to make ART

 I used double sided tape and stuck the edges together to make a flower!
[I have to give credit to my sweet Aubrey's roommate who was the person I first saw do this & had NO IDEA it was a toilet paper roll.. it was so cute!]

& then voila! You have a.. free.. way cute.. wall decoration!
[Another problem I had was getting it up on the wall.. if you get sticky puddy and stick it in the middle of the flower it just kind of looks like the center, holds the rest of the flower together, & sticks it up on the wall really well! Just in case you decide you want to try something like this..]

I put mine above my desk.. & I'm really happy with how cute I think it looks..
[even regardless of the cost..]

Another thing I discovered I love.. plants! They make the room feel so.. alive. 
The best part is [& don't tell anyone who doesn't read the blog.. ] this plant is 100% fake!
which ='s no watering, no sunlight, no bringing it to school, & best of all nooo dying! haha

I liked this fake plant thing so much.. I had to get another one for my desk..
But hopefully when I stop moving around so much I can start moving towards the "live" feeling of the room coming from actualll live plants.. 
[but remember that's our little secret, no one who I haven't told has been able to tell they were fake!]

I think that's all for tonight..
I know I promised recipes the other day 
[& I don't know if anyone ever looks at them or really cares.. but a promise is a promise.. haha]
I'm trying my FIRST pie tomorrow!
So I will post some after that..
I hope everyone is having a great labor day weekend!
Miss.. and love you!

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  1. Such a cute idea! Might as well use those TP rolls to make something cute eh? Who knew?! Hope your doing awesome! :) Loves!