Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"& It is not how much we do... but how much love we put into that action." -Mother Teresa

How absolutely breath taking is that temple... :)
Thats the Idaho Falls temple and I was blessed in this last couple weeks to get to go inside!
The down stairs of our appartment decided it would be fun to take a temple trip one Saturday and to spend the night just as girls.. & it ended up being so fun!

These are the cute girls that I got to go with! They are all SO sweet.. I just want to say that I got pretty lucky with who I've been rooming with the last little while we all get along really well.

No girls day out.. good trip to Idaho Falls.. would be complete with out a quick stop at Great Harvest Bread to get some awesome free bread...

Thennnn we stopped at Shelby's house where her parents made us a delicious dinner.. [can I just say how unbelievably grateful I have become for parents, and beautiful homes, and home cooked meals by mothers ever since I began college]
& we got to do mud masks which was really exciting because I hadn't really done them before! & to make it better Shelby works at kind of a health store so she had some pretty awesome [face hardening] stuff..

I know that we look like we are making very serious faces.. but it was impossible to smile with those things on! ha trust me we definitely tried!
After our faces felt absolutely clean and beautiful... we got to snack on popcorn and watched my favorite movie in the world... the Guardian!
I love girls nights. :)
Then the next day [[Sunday]] happened to be the Super Bowl! :)
Thats always a fun Sunday at my house, and I was pretty bummed to not be home for the Super Bowl for the first time of my life...
So Blakes sweet family cheered me up and brought me over to their aunt and uncles house for a Second Thanksgiving/Super Bowl Party!
I ate until I felt like I was going to burst.. [& as a college student thats a wonderful experience if I might say so myself.]
Then we played games and had snacks and just laughed and talked the rest of the night...
now did we watch the game.. probably not so much.. ha but I WILL say..
Dangit Packers. Dangit.
The way my Dad has raised me ended up not having me cheering for the winning team... :)

Then this last weekend.. we got to take a little trip to Lava Hot Springs!!
Now can you see anyone in these pictures.. um... no.. not really ha
bad pictures. but good memories.

The hot springs are always a really relaxing place to go I love them.. & during the winter they are definitely one of favorite places to spend a night.

After soaking in the very warm water until we were gross and pruned, we made a short pit stop at this cute little cabin.. and then to Denny's for a late night/early morning dinner..
It was fun night adventure..

&& our more recent, most important, and last order of business...
 Happy {belated} Valentines Day! :)
I'll just say it was a pretty nice one.. I'll have to post what I made Blake in my next blog when he lets me steal it back for a minute to get a picture!

Ohhh... and I almost forgot.. something I thought was recently 'blog worthy'
 today we salute you [in my best most deep radio voice]... Miss Statue of Liberty Dancing Tax Lady...
for all of the days that I drive by you in the freezing cold and you are still out there smiling and waving and dancing your heart out.. you have more dedication to your job than I might ever have.. & therefore deserve a special place in my blog.

I hope everyone is doing well & had a wonderful Valentines Day/Weekend!

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