Friday, March 28, 2014

Potatoes, Potatoes, & more Potatoes..

Now here is a serious question in life..
When exactly do you become an official Idahoan?

Well I'm not completely sure.. but if I had to make an educated guess I'd say it probably has something to do with potatoes..

To my great joy.. the other day on my day off Blake convinced me that he didn't need to go to school and that we should probably spend the day together. 
(Well alllrrright..  if you're going to twist my arm..)

& Since I've had my own little list of things I've felt like we HAD to do before we moved to Texas,
I decided it would be fun to plan a little surprise day trip to check another little adventure off of my "Idaho" to do list..

& Much to Blake's suprise.. fate or a car & our gps brought us to the famous [probably only]
 Potato Museum in Blackfoot Idaho!

And believe it or not my sweet Idaho born husband never felt that it was necessary in his life to see this famous museum..
So I'm sure he was allllmost as excited as I was about it.

If you're like me, you have never been truly aware of how many different types of potatoes there really are in the world.. Or really anything about potatoes for that matter except for how delicious they can taste..
(No those are not larva.. they are indeed  potatoes. & yes I was just as suprised as you) 

We had the oppopportunity to see the worlds largest potato chip.

Yup. Pretty big deal.. I agree..

& Probably every Potato Head ever created..
[Most importantly please note Blakes cute face in the reflection.. haha oh boy.]

We discovered that alchohol actually can be made with Potatoes.. who would have thought..

 & We saw more potato farming equipment than I ever knew existed.. 

Quite frankly, I think after this experience I am ready to settle down and start my own potato farm..

Or.. I'm at least ready to support potato farms by ordering more french fries.
One Step at a Time right..

& Even though I definitely have had to laugh at some of the funny things Idaho is famous for..

And I have wondered how in the world of all the places I could have ended up I have had the oportunity to get my college education here..

Idaho, & this sweet Idaho grown boy, have sure found their way into my heart.

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