Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Elder Woods

Okay guys I am seriously behind on blogging.. I know.. I know..
But contrary to popular belief I have not given it up..
For those who I haven't told, I have decided to get my Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and so I am taking classes again and working full time..
& It has just been dang busy..
But MORE IMPORTANTLY right now, for those of you who don't know..
This handsome man of a brother.. left on his mission to Argentina last week!
& Holy Smokes.. am I seriously proud of this guy.
He has been working so hard taking classes to prepare him to teach the gospel, going out with the missionaries in Farmington, and trying to learn Spanish..
& I really believe he is supposed to be in Argentina for a reason and is going to make such a difference over there.
Last Tuesday, to get to see him before he left, Blake and I woke up at 4 in the morning and drove all the way down to Pleasant Grove!

And seriously thank goodness for the adrenaline of getting to see the family that kept us awake all day..

We just got to hang out and play around with these guys the whole day, which made the way too early drive soo worth it!

We got there and had breakfast with the family and woke up a little bit..
& Then we spent the morning at the Mt. Timpanogas Temple with my family, grandma, aunt sheila, and some other friends..
Mitch was able to go through for my Uncle Troy and it was so nice to all be there together.
[I really wish I would have brought my camera a little more through out the day..]

& Then we just ate and played around for the rest of the day and enjoyed our time with our missionary before he left.

So, okay guys, there is this sweet coke machine that my family just loves that lets you try every variation of soda imaginable..

[Probably in a couple of years this will be the only type of soda machine around and we will read this and laugh.. but for now.. it's pretty awesome]

And boy we just love overdosing on soda trying them all.. haha it's fun to see what combinations are good together and which ones are.. not so good..

[Okay, side note, Seriously how stinkin tall is this girl looking?! I think she has got to be on her tippy toes here.. haha but still.. Marah you are so grown up!]

Then after a really fun/pretty drive to Park City
 [Yes. Yes I have been slacking in the picture department..]
 We stopped in Salt Lake to explore this new Cabella like store called Scheels..

For a little while I couldn't remember if we were in Disneyland.. or Utah?
Basically the same thing though right?


Just to solidify being the coolest store, of course they had a pretty serious
Ferris Wheel in the middle of the store..

& since Marah was convinced she had never ridden on one
 [And maybe a little bit because a guy that worked there gave us all free passes..]
You can bet we took full advantage of this little amusement park ride..

When I was little I would ride on the Ferris Wheel with my dad.. and I think I may be permanently scarred.

He would continuously rock baaacck and fooorth in our seat as I yelled and stared at the Do Not Rock sign right in front of us..

& For some unknown reason I always seem to have a petrified feeling in these things now..

& I'm sure Blake just loves his Ferris Wheel rides with me because the whole time I am like don't. you. dare. move..

In fact if you could just not even breathe that would be awesome.

oh poor husband.

And actually.. from the looks of it..
 Marah was feeling very similarly on her first Ferris Wheel ride..

[Maybe it's just a defective gene we have inherited?]
Poor Girl.. I understand, these things are rough.
[I really am already worrying about/missing that cute goofball of a brother of mine..]

Aren't they just the cutest..

Then after sampling every little bit of fudge and gelato in this store,
& My Parents buying some from us probably out of pure embarrassment of my need for maybe a little bit excessive samples..

We ate at In and Out and had to say goodbye to my favorite brother/missionary..

I love this not so little anymore brother.. and am so proud of his good choices and faithfulness in his life.

And it actually didn't hit me that I wouldn't see this silly guy for TWO years..
 Until we were driving back up to Idaho...
I definitely cried a little.. I think that missions are such a bitter sweet thing.
Two years is seriously so long.
But I am SO grateful that he is going I know that this is going to make all of the difference in his life, and in the lives of those he meets.

I love you Elder Mitchell Woods.
And can't wait to hear about all of your adventures, trials, and growth..
You are going to be the best missionary.. and sure are the best brother a girl could ask for..
I hope you're killing it in the MTC and I'll see you in 2, hopefully it flies by.. I'm sure you'll be reading this in no time!

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