Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"When love is not madness, it is not love." -Pedro Calderon de la Barca

The Planning Has Begun..

& I am not quite sure where the best place to begin is..
SO don't be shy..
Any advice would be wonderful.

So this is my request..

Plan My Wedding For Me. 

No biggie right? 
Haha & if you don't have time for that.. giving me pointers would be a close second.
So I expect to be hearing from everyone soon.. 
You guys are the best. 


  1. First off when you want to be married, second the venue and then most important the beautiful dress. Thats what I did. I had to go back and forth between dates because the person I wanted to make the cake wasn't available on the day the venue was. It took a little while to get that sqaured away but once that was it was all up hill from there and smooth sailing :) Just try and relax and remember what it's all about, you and blake and your new life together nothing else matters. Enjoy planning though, it's tons of fun :)

  2. My biggest advice is keep things simple. Don't stress the small stuff. Because all the stress and worrying about things people hardly notice is just not worth it. In the end, lets be real you will not be worried about anything on your wedding day except that handsome man next to you and starting your life together. Don't be afraid to delegate! Its your day and your celebration and there are so many people willing to help that will make sure your day is amazing. I gave up all creative control to my mom for my reception because I knew she would make it wonderful and we have similar decorative taste. Of course I told her what I wanted my cake to look like and what food I wanted to serve and that I wanted a dance but that's it. I realize that doesn't work for everyone but just don't make it stressful. Keep it simple :) Congrats Hailey! Loves!

  3. do you have a pinterest account? pinterest pretty much planned my entire wedding for me. you can check out my board to get some ideas :) also, you'll soon realize that a lot of what goes into planning a wedding doesn't really matter. so don't stress to much about the venue, flowers, announcements, etc. AND...i had seroiusly tonsss of things go wrong before my wedding, but the actual day was so perfect. so don't worry about it, it will turn out to be great!