Saturday, November 5, 2011

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. -Voltaire

Yeah.. Can you say.. twenty one?!

Because i know I sure can!
I have been waiting forever for the day I coulllld...

Drink Sparkling Cider!
ha yeah 
 just kidding..
I could already do that!
I guess 21 is not quite the same if you're not counting the days until you can buy alchohol!
[I told Blake that he had to take be into the bar after hours.. so I could announce that I was old enough to be in there.
So when that date happens I will definitely feel more like 21 and tell you all about it!  haha my coming of age might come at Blake's embarassment..]
Even though there were no bars, and no buying alchohol it still ended up being a pretty fun twenty-first birthday.

Since my Birthday falls on Halloween
 [for those of you who don't know me or didn't connect it yet..]
My sweet fiance and roommates threw me a big Halloween/Birthday party!

We all are pretty in love with the TV series Vampire Diaries
 [If you ever wonder where anyone from my apartment is on Thursday nights... I could probably give you a pretty good hint..]
So my theory is that it must have subconciously inspired our costumes!
But I'm glad it did because dang did they turned out pretty gruesome and bloody! yuck.


[You will definitely never see me have anything resembling blood anywhere near me at any other time! I almost died when we put the fake blood on our faces.. haha.. I don't even handle meat very well.. that was terrible!]

But the party for a Monday night ended up being really awesome!
All of my friends were so sweet and came by to see me..
& I felt so loved.

& This is my dear Aubrey and Jordan.. :)
I couldn't delete this picture because Aub and I thought it was hilarious since this is honestly probably how we have all looked together in our classes every day for the last year!
so confused!
[So welcome to school and my life..haha]


But eventually we got it together.
& I was soo glad they came!
Everythings always better with your friends there..

& then this was the sweetest thing ever..
When my roommates started talking about having a party the first thing I said was that we should go bobbing for apples!
Now.. really.. who wants to dunk their costume'd make-up'd face in a bucket of water?!

I just have some awesome friends and I thought it was so cute that they did that because I had wanted it!
& Elana was actually pretty proffessional!
She must have had an awesome Halloween experience as a child with lots of parties and practice!

There were some really fun costumes!
[this also resembles my little Mitchell's halloween costume if anyone hasn't seen it.. haha check it out! My funny little brother.]

Chantal had to work her magic so we could get a picture of this sweet costume..
& she pulled it off of course.
Way to take one for the team!

& THIS is.. a happy birthday to me!
My roommate Elana bought me sparkling cider and Chantal covered it with stickers to make it look more appropriate for the occasion..
Just what I always wanted a bottle full of BLOOD!

Good thing I'm another year older and wiser and choosing to drink blood.

But really it was very fun..
Thanks everyone so much that helped put it together and came! I had so much fun and couldn't have asked for anything more.

& a special thank you to my sweet Grandma and aunt Jerri Gay and of course my awesome Family that sent me packages and presents on my birthday! & for all the phone calls and texts and messages I got..
You all make my life so much more wonderful.
I love you!

& since we are still on the subject of Birthdays..

Happy Birthday to the BEST Little Brother in the World.

This funny little [but not so little anymore :( ] guy has always managed to make my life pretty darn exciting..
& I would have been SO lonely with out him.
He turned 18 yesterday! &.. I have to add.. finished his EAGLE SCOUT project a couple days before!

Yeah. He's awesome.
Happy Birthday my lil Mitchy I love you soo much!

& now one last thing..

Blake took me on my Birthday Date the Saturday before my birthday
 & it was SO awesome.He took me to this Halloween Folk Opera called Deep Love
That my friend from home was playing in in the orchestra in AND Jon Peter Lewis
 (who had been on American Idol) was singing in it!
 & so I had really been wanting to go..
But I didn't think he'd take me because we are kind of on a budget..
But he SUPRISED me and took me to it..
& it was awesome..

I met Jon Peter Lewis!!

Adding that one to my wall of American Idolers.

(Thank you my love for a great night.)

& Thanks again everyone for an awesome Birthday!
I miss my friends and family SO much and wish you guys were here to celebrate it with me.
I love you all.

I hope you all had a great Halloween!

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