Thursday, October 6, 2011

A man of courage is also full of faith. -Marcus Tullius Cicero

Any guess to where Blake took me this weekend that I was soo excited about last Friday...?

Because if you guessed... Begging on the streets of Salt Lake City.. 
you would be the winner!!

He took me to General Conference!
& with only tickets to one of the sessions [out of four]
We had to beg for our tickets if we wanted to go to any of the other ones...

My Heavenly Father must have known how badly I was dying to go..
Because we got in to all FOUR of them no problem..

Now to all of my dear friends that have... no idea what I am talking about..
My church has General Conference twice a year.. & it's broadcasted all over the world..
So up until this last weekend I'd only seen it on TV.
It's where our prophet and all of our church leaders gather together and teach us what they were inspired would benefit our lives most, or what we need to hear.
& it is... genuinely.. the most amazing Sunday. 
Really Cool.

& Inbetween sessions we got to take a couple little adventures..
Our first one was to Brigham Young's old house! 

Then the boys have their own session during the weekend so my friend Mirisha who we happened to meet up with in Salt Lake..
took me around to places she thought that I'd like to see..
what... a sweet girl.

First she took me to one of our church visitor centers..
& I seriously kept getting chills.. it was so awesome.

 There were all kinds of videos of people serving others after natural disasters and even in just everyday circumstances..
It definitely made me want to be better..

 I love this church.
I know that it's true, I wish I could share it with everyone with them knowing that I love them, not thinking I'm trying to throw my religion on them.
It is my life.. it's the reason that I know who I am.. 
& it's every reason that I'm happy.

Every time there is a big event in the church there are people standing outside with the Book of Mormon on devil pitch forks yelling at us telling us we are Satan's followers and living in iniquity..
I wish I could share with you the love that the gospel brings me.
& the comfort that it gives me when things are hard.
Once you feel it.. & really see it work in your life.. it's as plain as anything else ever has been to you that it's from God.

& we believe in the bible.
We actually believe in a lot of what the people on the sides of the street that think Mormons are awful are reading to us.
The Book of Mormon is a testament of people in the Americas and really just reinforces a lot of what the Bible teaches..
& once you read it it's really obvious that no one man could have EVER written it. 
Especially a man with very little formal education.. 

I'll stop preaching now.. 

But if you ever get a chance to go to the conference center.. it is beautiful.

& it's right next to the Salt Lake Temple.. which is also.. Beautiful.
I'm sorry if I overwhelmed anyone with my blog.. I really hate making people feel uncomfortable when I'm talking to them about my religion..
But if I'm ever saying anything about it.. know that it's honestly just because I love you and want you to be happy too. 

Going to General Conference was one of the first things that I put on my bucket list.. & I think that it's one of the first things I've got to mark off!

I hope everyone else had as great of a weekend
Love you guys!

Have a great Thursday!

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