Monday, August 29, 2011

"Seek home for rest, for home is best." -Thomas Tusser

Well.. I just got instructed to "go blog or something.." 
So I thought.. that's just what I should do. :)

[Now I imagine everyone is screaming.. "noo.. last time this girl blogged she wrote a novel"..
I promise to try and keep it short and sweet.. or.. shortER]

So my little Marah made the FHS soccer team! :)
[& she's only an 8th grader.. how dang awesome is she!]
& today was her first game in Los Alamos!
Good luck little sister! I'm so PROUD of her..

Now just a little break update..

Everyone who lives in Farmington knows August = Connie Mack!
[Now if you aren't from Farmington.. the best way I've heard it put is that Connie Mack is the BEST baseball World Series that you've never heard of.. it's basically really awesome teams from all over that are looking to get picked up by the minors/majors.. & it's a lot of fun for everyone in Farmington!
It's always been a perfect way to end the summer growing up..
It's a whole community event and you get to see everyone in the town!]

For the past few years Mar has been a "runner" so basically like a little baseball waitress without the tables and formalities..
This year.. I think the running and soccer wore her out.
[She's the cute little sleeping girl on the job in the orange hat.. haha poor thing..
also.. please notice the little boy in the upper left corner.. he made me laugh when I saw this picture
I don't think my family was the only one who noticed how exhausted she was! He's probably like girl.. wake up and get me my dang food!]

Ask me what happens when you want to go home & have had enough connie mack for the day.. 
& there is only one car..
yup.. you be walkin.
[At least until you have a friend who feels bad for you.. haha]

Also at the end of the summer.. 
The County FAIR!

& that means.. 
fun games
[& little boys with light sabors.. it's one thing that they NEVER seem to be outdated.. it's another when they make their way in the middle of my picture.. oh thank you little boy for sharing ]

Playing with bubbles!..

My sweet little sister. :)...

Cute messages from my momma in the "nail wall"..

Fun Booths...

My Father and his.. stinky Llamas..

& not even being able to complain about it!

But even with all the smelly animals
[ask me if the last day of the fair is the best day to go.. my family definitely thinks so.. give all the manure time to accumulate so you get the whole experience]
I am SO grateful for the opportunity I've had to grow up going to the fair..
I've always really loved it!

Also going on the last few weeks..

Blake and I had our 10 month anniversary!
[I know I brag on him alot.. but he completely surprised me with these & other sweet messages all day.. even when I'm not with him he finds a way to make my days soo happy.
I love you babe.]

I cleaned out and redid my room..
[I'm trying to surprise Blake when he gets down here.. so pictures to come after that so he doesn't get to peek on here!]

While cleaning out my room.. [& my gigantic TUB full of notes and notebooks were my friends and I would write notes back and forth in..]

I know this picture is kind of hard to see... but there are TWO large trash bags.. a couple boxes, and a few notebooks full of notes that I got rid of..
& that's not including the notes I kept.. haha
 My real question is.. how did I ever keep my grades up!?

One thing my notes did remind me of is that.. 
I had some really awesome friends growing up.
If you are seeing those notebooks.. and going oh my gosh.. oh yeah. haha..
Then I love you. :)
Besides for just cleaning out my room.. 

I've been getting to cook & bake a lot with my Mom and my little Sister..

Two things that I really love to do.. spend time with my mother and sister.. and.. cooking. :)
It's been nice to just be able to be home.
[Before the end of the week I'll post some recipes.. ]

& besides all of that.. I got my old job back for the month.. because my employers are SO sweet.
But I unfortunately have only had ONE day off of the week for the last three I've been working..
So they've kept me busy..
& I've just been seeing family and old friends..
One thing for sure..
I'm not ready for school to start again! It's coming too fast..
[I do have to throw out that I'm soo excited to see my boyfriend again! He's flying down to see me this weekend and I'm counting down the days!]

I hope everyone is having a good start to their school year!

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