Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Enjoying Time At Home..

So who's been majorly slacking at blogging!? Yup.. that would definitely be me.. 
So lets have a little bit of a recap.. 
Startinggg.. with my April Fool's Surprise!
Did I plan something spectacular.. oh no.. it just lucked out it was on April First..
So.. in the mornings I like to wake up early and go work out, it's been something I've been working really hard to get in the habit of the last few months.. 
This morning in particular it was like 5/515 ish so you can imagine I'm a little tired.. AND my head was kind of hurting so I fill my water bottle and go in the bathroom to get some Tylenol.. & then as I put the Tylenol in my mouth and grab my water bottle to wash it down I spy with my little eye something brown..
All I can say.. thank GOODNESS.. I didn't swallow. eww. 
The only thing I don't love about Spring is the bugs.. & this season.. the spiders in my water bottle ;)

So two weeks ago was Mitchell and Marah's Spring Break.. so that means... 

 Of SKIING!! :)
[Now this picture.. although my Dad, Mitch, & Mar might not appreciate it.. because they really honestly don't fall down very often.. gave me the biggest laugh EVER! They were attempting a train and my dad, or so I heard after, got a little over excited and their skis got tangled up and.. the train crashed. haha.. ha who was the smart one who chose to not participate.. I will leave that to the imagination :)
After the crash they were all on top of each other and skis were everywhere! Unfortunately I couldn't get my gloves off and my camera out to capture the full beauty of it.. but I hope my story could create a close to as good mental image of it.. ha]
Mitchy was definitely the photogenic one.. if you can't tell.. but what a good looking skier is he :) & he's getting SO good.. I told him I remember when he was little in his marshmallow red coat and I had to watch him.. now its the other way around! 

Darnit. Because in those florescent green/yellow pants of his he would be MUCH easier to watch now!
After our Spring Break skiing adventure.. was my week of finals.. 
Not quite as exciting I must say.
I took an online class that I had to take multiple finals for ( I know how to pick the good classes don't worry) and then my internship (which.. who would have guessed counts as a class.. it was definitely the most amazing class I've ever had)
& I was in school world for most of last week..
but.. all the finals went well.. So it was well worth the hibernation!

& I got to do some cooking/baking.. so it wasn't a completely awful week..

 I lovve coming home and getting to cook for my family! Because.. number one.. they pay for it.. & as a college student that's always nice :) & number two I get to spend time with my mom and my sister while we make it..
& the whole family as we EAT it!
& although I only have pictures of baking.. it just comes out better looking than dinner!
& dinner is a lot busier so I forget to take pictures so I can share my recipes.. [But its something I want to start doing..]

 My mom is a PRO bread animal maker.. & I've been learning of her ways.. ha & there aren't just lambs.. there are bunnies and chickies and more where these come from too!
[although the first one I participated in my dear little sister informed me looked like a hippopotamus, so hopefully there has been some improvement! ]
& this beautiful masterpiece is my Fruit Pizza that I made for my family last night!& it was SO good and I was so proud of it, so if anyone wants to go to the link you won't be disappointed.
[& for those of you who aren't that familiar with blogging yet.. if you click a word that's highlighted and underlined, so in this case fruit pizza, I attached a link to it! So try it out!]

I hope that everyone had an AWESOME spring break! I know that I enjoyed getting to see all of my friends on their spring breaks.. love you guys! & I hope April & Spring has been treating everyone well! Have a wonderful Tuesday afternoon!

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